Brooklyn Inspiration

With focus on exploring modern design and preserving aesthetics, Stefano Venier establisheds in 2012  the “Venier Customs Motorcycles” in Brooklyn, New York, and creates zero-cycle vintage motorcycles and models already in circulation, expressing its own of the design aspect of the two-wheelers.

Being enthusiastic about his work and extremely subtle, Venier is distinguished by the use of the most qualitative elements in the reconstruction and creation of his models while he loves to use metal and carbon fiber. Every project is done according to the vision of the rider, which the designer follows on a literary basis, since he desires each and every result not only to be impeccable but also unique.

This time he is rebuilding a Moto Guzzi V7 2011 750cc. The aluminum suit of the motorcycle with its distinctive green color and the comfortable seat that makes it easy and comfortable to carry two people make this model elegant at the same time as it makes it able to get off the streets and offer unforgettable experiences to its riders.