The historic Aston Martin DB4

In 1960 the English car manufacturer Aston Martin presented for the first time to the public the “DB4”. Completely remodeled and radically cut off from all elements of the previous DB Mark III, it was a milestone for the future evolution of Aston vehicles.

The company’s design team knew that a new design would have to be presented in the early ’60s, as since David Brown bought the company in 1947 only changes to the previous ones have been made. Three years later, the company would replace it with the legendary Bond Car “DB5”.

The car you see above was for many years in Australia and the garage of a senior New South Wales government member. Unlike other collectors, he kept it in his possession for several years and made several changes on his own. He attended classes at TAFE to learn as much as possible about the body and engineering. There he met Vaughan Ryan and Georgio Rim, with whom he collaborated to keep the vehicle in excellent condition today. Since the owner “passed away” this year, his family decided to sell it for the price of 458 thousand dollars.