Ferrari meets America

Italian design and finesse always lured the American culture and market.

The finesse of the ways, the Mediterranean temperament and the extroversion, are elements that characterize the Italian identity and are depicted in every expression of it.

The clothes, the flavors, the cars, all have the sense of Style and Elegance.

Enzo Ferrari, embodying the Italian spirit, also transported his culture to his cars, creating models with subtle lines and classic design that over the years have gained the value of the classic.

The 1959 Ferrari 250 GT LWB California Spider was the first model of the auto industry that was designed exclusively for the American market by Ferrari and is still today an elegant piece that every driver would like to have in his collection.

And for the sake of fact, the auction of the latest model of the Ferrari 250 GT LWB, which has reached $ 8.8 million, proves its value.