Horch before Audi

Although the name Audi is widespread, the name Horch is not known though both car industries were founded by the same man, August Horch.

August after his engineering studies at the Mittweida Technical College he worked with Karl Benz, but his hesitancy in the rivals and the ambition of Benz led the two men to rupture, with August opening his own company, Horch & Cie which did not prototype for design, but stood out for the advanced engineering of cars.

The bad relationship between August Horch and the Chief Financial Officer led him to leave Horch & Cie and establish Audi. A name that is the Latin version of his sure name since the name Horch was already registered in the industry.

So the Horch 853 could say that it is a precursor of the Audi cars and, as we confess, we like it a lot.