Motorbike Style of 70s

He wore the helmet, tied the strap and started. The familiar sound of the motorcycle he liked. Accelerated on the motorway. Somehow he felt familiar with this machine. He smiled, the 70s had just begun…

Some motorcycles carry the aura of their time together. They are not just metals. The designer, his team, all those who created them gave something out of themselves, their vision. In the 1970s, benchmark models were released. Today they are re-cast – through the custom-made look at Kotty Motocycles based in Los Angeles.There may not be a sign outside because you have to make an appointment with them.

Black and Copper 550 is one of the last works of the workshop and we could say that it is also a typical example of the attitude that wants to inspire the workshop since its appearance is a purely vintage-inspired look.

Based on models of the 1977 and 1978 CB550s, the Black and Copper 550 is an elegant piece of mechanical infrastructure in brown shades with leather saddle and dynamic to attract the attention at the road.