A Legend Rescued From Scrap

The 1939 legendary pre-war motorcycle, Vincent HRD Series-A, was rescued from scrap metal, restored, and came back on the streets by auction.

Vincent remained in his enthusiastic motorcycle family, Harry Lloyd since 1959, when he bought her in return only  for £ 10 and a Amal TT carburetor. Lloyd restored the machine to its old glory and used it for family trips in the UK. After a decade of use, the main chain broke when he was  riding home to Liverpool’s suburbs, leaving the machine in need for repair. In 1968 the DRR was dismantled, pending future rehabilitation, and stored in a closed garage in Liverpool.

It remained there until it was discovered and exposed by Bonhams Stafford Sale. Thanks to the auction, the legend of 1939 is re-released on the streets.