Object of desire

1955 – At the Frankfurt Motor Show, German carmaker BMW introduces the 507 roadster. From the first moment, attracted all the interest on the exhibition, mainly due to its unique design, which was inspired by various elements of the Jet Age.

Albrecht von Goertz was the designer after the request of New York-based luxury car importer Max Hoffman to conquer the American market. Its very high price made it impossible, as a result of which the Bavarian company suffered great financial losses. For this reason, only 252 different examples were built between 1956 and 1959. However, due to its rarity and innovative -for the time- design that significantly influenced the company’s modern roadsters, today it is difficult to find it.

The above 507 we recently discovered, has received all the certifications of authenticity from the BMW Classic and has been found in the garage of many remarkable people, including the famous collector of BMW Dr. Leland House. The current owner has taken the car to the road only once in 2015, thus proving how good it is.