Caroline de Maigret, the Parisian

Stylish and fabulous, Caroline de Maigret is a woman that definitely won’t go unnoticed.
Born in France in the late 70s, she’s worked as a model, a music producer, a writer and Chanel’s brand ambassador.
But above all, it’s her androgynous style, her simplicity and aesthetics that make her iconic.

When she’s off duty, she’s into the boyfriend pants matched with shirts, tight coats and minimal shoes. Not a big makeup fan,  she prefers to be casual with her just-got-off-bed hair and effortless style.

The New York Times have described her as a Parisian ambassador and they got every reason to do since Caroline in 2014 launched her book “How to be a Parisian” introducing women around the globe to the very Parisian culture.

Photos by Johan Lindenberg