A significant influence on fashion photography

The American photographer James Moore (1936-2006) was an influential “voice” in mid-20th century fashion photography, working at Harper’s Bazaar during the 1960s, under the leadership of legendary editor Carmel Snow. Offering often surreal and cinematic shots, Moore helped compose the “visual vocabulary” in fashion, in collaboration with other famous colleagues such as Art Director Alexey Brodovitch. He has also directed several television commercials and taught photography at the New York School of Fine Arts and the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Each photo of Moore is a complex exploration of space and beauty with great attention to detail, significantly influencing the next generation of great fashion photographers. However, his great contribution was “neglected” by the fashion world. This gap is filled by the book “James Moore: Photographs 1962-2006” which includes excellent photographs of about half a century. Accompanied by texts by leading authors, models, photographers and designers, the impressive career of the artist is captured in great detail.

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