Adrien Brody

Actor Adrien Brody is photographed by Blair Getz Mezibov in a way that reveals both his hypocritical and his directorial talent.

“Acting really is elusive; no matter how much talent you have – at least for me, the process requires such discipline. Even with the discipline, there’s the potential that I won’t get to the place that I feel is good enough, that is connected enough, that is authentic to me, that I feel either the suffering or the joy or I’m transported from myself on set; that there’s this out-of-body experience. If you’re fortunate, and the camera and the focus-puller has it right, and you get it and the director incorporates it eloquently into the film, you give that magic on perpetuity. That’s beautiful. The audience sits there and they get hit with it like you did. That’s magic.”

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