Artisan Blades

“We use recycled and found steels for our knives and take pleasure in turning what most people would consider waste into functional tools. To honor the history of the materials we find, we often leave some its original character (like file marks) in our work. Customers may also provide elements personal to them for us to incorporate in our work (for example, antler, wood, old files, granddad’s jeans, etc.).”

With passion for the ultimate male tool, the two men create extraordinary blades in Georgia by sending them to every place with a lifetime guarantee. Characteristics of designers are the handcrafted creation, attention to detail and the availability of their constructions to stand out.

“We forge our blades by hand and work with a variety of materials: wood, leather, antler, brass, Micarta, our own phenolic laminates, aluminum, copper, and whatever else we find that looks neat.”

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