Best of 2017

2017 was a black and white year. Difficulties were many, but several and perhaps more were the moments of start-up, optimism and creativity. Surely the year was not indifferent. New faces appeared, events and situations marked the year that ended. MANCODE selects those facts and those faces that stood out in 2017 and shares them with friends.

Man of the Year

Born on April 2, 1977, actor Michael Fassbender was one of the men who stood out in 2017. The year ended with the extraordinary mysterious action movie, “The Snowman,” which attracted the attention of both audiences and critics.  M.F once again demonstrated his hypocritical talent. The actor first appeared in the movie “300” and stood out in the movie “Shame”. He lives with Alicia Vikander, an actress that likes the MANCODE a lot.

Michael Fassbender  by Sebastien Agnetti



Woman of 2017

French actress Marion Cotillard, who stood out on the international stage with her first Oscar nomination in 2003 for the romantic comedy “Love me if you dare”, continues to enchant audiences and critics for her hypocritical talent that has already conquered world cinema but also for her elegant charm. With diving elements of the old Hollywood and a figure inspiring respect and sensuality at the same time, 2017 was the year of the actor after winning another prize, this time the Honorary Lumiere Award.

Marion Cotillard by Mikael Jansson for Interview Magazine


Best Interview of the Year

“A gentleman dresses up not with thinking but with decency,” said Mr. Eftichios Alexandrakis, whom had we the honor to host at MANCODE in his last interview in the October issue. Farewell Mr. Alexandrakis.


Book of the year

In a glamorous French château, Ellen von Unwerth presents a photographic story of lust that spiked every man’s look at the vintage female beauty in 2017. The sexy persona Olga meets in the photographic clicks of the portraits unexpected lovers giving the reader-viewer a plot that satisfies the senses and fires the imagination. The photo book is released by the publishing house “Taschen”.


Story to Watch

The Netflix series “The Crown” stood out in 2017 for the flawless direction that brings you in every detail to Queen Elizabeth II’s UK and for the excellent interpretation of Claire Foy and Matt Smith. The actors embody the royal couple of Great Britain with the utmost persuasion, quoting the Queen’s rise to power, presenting the circumstances and the atmosphere of the time.


Element of 2017

The tradition that wanted the umbrellas to be a female accessory continued until the middle of the 18th century when the famous English man Jonas Hanway began to hold a durable and more male-oriented umbrella in each of his public appearance. His stubbornness was fruitful and, just three decades later, the trend had spread across Europe. Countless inventors have managed to improve their mechanical design and create many kinds of umbrellas that are still in use today. Some, however, created styles and designs that made the umbrella-fetish accessories. Like the separate Ombrelli Maglia umbrellas. Francesco Maglia began in 1850 at the age of 14 as an umbrella manufacturer in a factory. At age 18 he became a partner of a small umbrella factory and a little later started his own business. MANCODE distinguishes this designer and creator for his art and passion for style.

Francesco Maglia by Agentur Neubauer


Car Of The Year

The launch of the Volvo XC60 in 2017 was a revolution in the Swedish SUV dynamics. Both the design and the engineering of the particular car model caters to the city’s driver and driver who likes to travel with his car and discover new destinations. Its T8 Twin engine and hybrid plug-in that delivers outstanding performance equip the model with the latest technology and promise unique moments of driving, comfort and style.


Art Renovation of 2017

The EMST (National Museum of Contemporary Art) at Kallirrois & Ambr. Frantzis in Athens, was a major development in cultural events in 2017 after renovating an old factory in a modern art space capable and equipped to expose and present to the public both Greek and international artists bringing a new breath of optimism, creativity and spirit.


Island to Discover

With a bay that reaches about 18 miles, the island of Kimolos on the southwestern edge of the Cyclades is a place that definitely deserves to explore in 2018 if you have not already discovered the 17 ‘. Walking along the paved narrow streets you will meet the small bar named “Agora”. A minimal area with excellent design serves salty and sweet dishes while its drinks make the island’s summer nights special.


Alpine Resort

Das Central in the Sölden region of Tyrol is the only five-star hotel on the area and offers affordable luxury while retaining all the glamour and vintage ambience of the Austrian Alps. The special wooden design of the interior and the traditional costumes of the staff immediately take you to the atmosphere that the region keeps the moment you can enjoy every service of today resting your mind and body enjoying the snowy Alps.


 Food, Drink & Music

Sense of distinct luxury where the historical Loukianos and Spetsippo streets meet in Kolonaki of Athens. The reason for the Stinking Bishop. After office drinks and atmospheric dinners with Mancode Radio music make the Stinking Bishop the ideal down town destination. If you did not visit it in 2017, start in 2018 with elegance.



Night Out : Malconi’s

When the city lowers its lights, the destination is one and is located at Patriarch Ioakeim 43 and Plutarch 23 in Athens. The corner of Malconi’s in Kolonaki with its excellent cuisine, unsurpassed cocktails, fruity wines and Mancode sounds becomes the best choice for a Night Out.


Whiskey of the Year

Bushmills Black Bush is an Irish blended whiskey that we set out in 2017. A blend of malt whiskey, matured in oloroso sari barrels along with grain whiskey, was the perfect choice to close in 2017 and start in 2018. Its nose distinguishes notes of spices, plums, raisins, wood and coconut while possessing a rich body and a long, creamy aftertaste.


Rum of the Year

A rum that as confesses and its name is intended for all the small and great “artists” who know to appreciate a good drink at the end of a year full of experiences and pictures. Artesano means “hand-picker” and this rum is a tribute to all those who have demonstrated the extremely delicate process of distillation, but also to those who want to fill their glass with something special.


Vodka of the Year  

Luxury Elit® vodka marks another milestone in its pursuit of excellence with the release of the special edition Elit® Vodka Night Edition in 2017, its first illuminated bottle. Its amazing bottle was inspired by rare, natural night sky, such as solar and lunar eclipses, and invites everyone to celebrate the nightlife of 2018.


Best Liquor Store 

With a high architectural aesthetic shop on Kifissias Avenue in Halandri of Athens, Oak Cellar has soon become a pole of attraction for those who are looking for wines, spirits, drinks, gifts, home accessories and wine and drink services and, of course, delicatessen , all in an environment that exudes luxury, quality, specialization, service. It was a registered trademark for 2017, making a new move and enriching the services offered by the store, opening a new space inside the store, Oak Delicatessen.


Serving flavors at its best

“I understand the harmony in the food, but I feel it is boring. I feel it’s for the little kids. I believe in conflicts in the mouth. I like to eat something that’s delicious and a wine that opposes this and both flavors are fighting to convince me who is the best. “Chef Francis Mallmann, is a man who loves senses that passionately serve them in his restaurant, Fuegos de Apalta, in Aptata, Chile.

Francis Mallmann – Courtesy of Netflix / Boardwalk Pictures


Explorer of the Year

“The impossible remains impossible until we find a way to make it real,” says Mike Horn, who over the past two decades has seen so many parts of the world that the average person will never see for the rest of his life. Having swam the Amazon on his own, walking on the North Pole during the dark season with the thermometer sinking dangerously and exploring the Arctic Circle, he becomes a living example for us all to pursue our goals and never leave the passion for a life full of adventures and new destinations.


Athlete of 2017

Honest, fighter, passionate about life. This is Michael Sheith. Next to the T44 world record, with a time of 49.66, there is his name and stands out every year for his ethos and authenticity.


Best Society Supporters

Axion Hellas and Hope Genesis are two new nonprofit organizations that started in 2017, are active in the social offer and have already done a great ammount of work. Axion Hellas’s medical and cultural support in remote areas of Greece such as Meganisi, Kalamos, Folegandros, Thirassia, Chios and Psarra that was visited this year, and Hope Genesis, which deals with subgenus issues in remote areas of Greece supporting families,  are two structures that remind to each of us humanism and selflessness.



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