The absurdity of  war, coupled with the “logic” of military bureaucracy while the spirit of black humor inspiring it from start to finish, Hulu’s “Catch-22” mini-TV series, is making it worthwhile, especially to male audience. The plot recounts the efforts of  John Yossarian,  the selfish   captain of an American bomber to complete the required number of flights to return to the US. The story takes place on the island of Pianosa in Italy, during the Second World War, in the summer of 1943 as the Allies stray to the north by repulsing the Germans with constant bombardments.

With a very good representation of the era and colors that refer to the Mediterranean, it has good cast and performances. The series was directed by George Clooney in an exemplary style, playing himself also as an officer. Creators are also Luke Davies, David Michôd and starring Christopher Abbott, Kyle Chandler and Daniel David Stewart.

The “Catch-22” series is a remake of the 1970s, which based on Joseph Heller’s homonymous book, released in 1961

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