Herman Hesse, I Knew Nothing

Shortly after my 16th birthday, time came where I was sure  I knew everything…

Whilst studying at the University, I was working part-time at a bookstore on the other side of the city. In the summer I sold my car to join a band’s  tour so I traveled from home to school to work on a train.

On my daily trip I was reading a book that “accidentally slipped in my bag” from the bookstore. That book  was “The teachings of Don Juan” by Carlos Castaneda (….). One day, shortly before my stop, a gentleman around his 50s, approached.. Stylish in his gray tailor-made suit and comfortably “tightened” to his striped tie,  came up over me and said “Try some of Herman Hesse’s teachings”. What for? I knew everything.

I knew nothing.

Hermann Karl Hesse was born in 1877 in Vouteborg  and was awarded with a  Nobel Prize. He devoted his literary talent to humanity and humanity owes him some of its’ wisdom.
The heroes in his novels seek the truth, the essence of their existence, self-knowledge.  And in every story, under every mango tree, on the banks of every Indian river, in the darkness of every forest, you will find the answer to every question. Even to the ones you think you’ve already solved.

The bird fights his way out of his egg.

The egg is his world.

The one who wants to be “born” must first “destroy” what he thought to be his world.

(Demian 1919)


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