Hot vs Cool

by Sir Taki Theodoracopulos


Hot is the opposite of cool, and there’s nothing that I find less inviting and more vulgar than people who try and act cool. Hot personifies sex, good looks and good music. Ava Gardner was hot, as was Rita Hayworth, Jane Greer and Ginger Rogers. Fred Astaire was hot, as was Gary Cooper, Takis Horn, Tyrone Power and Errol Flynn. Augustus was hot, as was Pericles, as was Claudius and Alexander the Great. Charles Martel, Duke Jean and Jan Sobieski were all very hot men because they defeated and kept the towelheads out of Europe in 732 in Tours, in Lepanto in 1571 and in Vienna in 1683 respectively.

Classical music is hot because it elevates the spirit of man, and when was the last time you witnessed a riot following a classical music concert? For that matter, when was the last time there were no stabbings or arrests following a pop or rap music concert? Civility and decency are hot, but crime, violence, barbarism and brutality are considered cool by today’s youth. Black children in America consider lawlessness to be cool, and coming from a one – parent home even cooler. That’s why 82 percent of black teenagers end up in jail. Hard work is hot, but social welfare is prevalent in the west yet all we have to show for it is an underclass that prides itself in its ignorance, violence and illiteracy. (Especially in America.) Trump is hot, Putin is hot, Macron is cool as well as a phony. Letters are hot because they are tactile, visual, permanent and can be revisited and savored. E-mails are cool as well as very vulgar.

The nouveau riche have always tried to be cool, hence they’ve always proved how little dignity or class their money can buy. People who are unpretentious and true to themselves are hot, as are the Martinos family. Wrinkles are hot, pulled skin is cool. White hair is hot, colored hair is cool. Living life with brio is hot, playing it safe is cool. Racism is a cool slogan designed to suppress constructive thought. The debate on black crime and the Islamic invasion of Europe has been effectively shut down by charges of “racism” against those who pronounce the truth. The truth is hot, the big lie is cool. Islam’s attitude towards women, hatred of other religions, and rejection of reality and modernity is as cool as it gets for some bearded types, especially those in Saudi and the Gulf, the coolest of all cats. Iran is hot although the mullahs are cool. Tsipras is cool, Varoufakis is hot. Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Stefanos Tsitsipas are hot, Maria Sharapova a cheating cool. Israel is cool, Palestine is hot. Today’s world is cool, as it is blinded by avarice and consumerist lust and inspired by actors, professional athletes and models. Nationalists are hot, Viktor Orban is hot, Poland is hot, Sebastian Kurz is hot, the EU is cool, cool, cool. Western liberal elites are committing an ethnic crime by diluting white, native populations with black and brown newcomers who will eventually outbreed and annihilate the European race, and they think what they’re doing is cool. 37 million casualties during World War I were considered cool because the allies prevailed over Germany. The victory brought on communism, Nazism, and a second world war, that was really a cool victory. Once upon a time white masculinity was hot, hot, hot, now it’s fractured and suffering an existential breakdown which is very cool. Illegal immigration through open borders is encouraged by the criminals that run the Brussels dictatorship, and illegal immigrants are considered cool. Democratic nations that stop the migrant tourists are hot, hot, hot. Finally, the Neanderthal traditions of wolf-whistling are hot, whereas #Me Too is cool. The tango is hot, good manners are hot, right wing policies are hot, white linen suits are hot, panama hats are hot, sailing boats are hot, super yachts are cool and should not be allowed to pollute the sea, old fashioned Greeks are hot, Greeks who try to be cool are cool.


photo: Getty Images/Ideal Image

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