Illegal Anonymous

In a future world where everyone has brain implants and is subjected to a relentless visual flow of information called the Eye of the Mind, privacy and anonymity, as we know them, have disappeared.

With each person’s personal information in public viewing and the life of every human being recorded in milliseconds, personal information is downloaded into a huge grid called “the ether”.

A database in which the police can access and use it to prosecute criminals. Detective Sal Frieland faces a series of murders that seem to be linked. Soon it becomes clear that the evidence that the murders have in common signifies a great disaster for the system in which society relies. As he deals with the case, Frieland meets a woman who does not seem to have an identity.

Something that initially supposes it to be a minor problem is the first indication that the security of Mind’s Eye has been compromised. So Frieland undertakes a mission where he works as a bait to trap someone who actually does not exist before he kills again.

All this happens in Anon, a science fiction thriller film directed by Andrew Niccol, starring Clive Owen and Amanda Seyfried. The film is released by Netflix.

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