Jeremy Irons

He’s a Hollywood star, but not because of his masculine appearance.  Soon after finishing acting studies at the Bristol Old Vic Theater School, he became involved with the theater.  Box office movies came later in life, not as an intended goal, but as a natural process.

In 2015, one hundred years after TS Eliot’s first release of J. Alfred Prufrock’s “The Love Song “, Irons recited the collection of poems at a recording, which may have been one of his most unique and sentimental projects to date. “His velvety British voice, with its wavering’s and silences attribute to an Eliot who desires heartbreak and suffering.

“A very benevolent Eliot for the first time”, the experts wrote.  Last spring at the age of 70, he staged the play “Long Day’s Journey into Night” by Britain’s Eugene O’Neill’s at the Brooklyn Academy of Music and was considered show of the year.

He doesn’t visit Portofino or the Cannes film festival in his free time, he prefers to spend his time at the Kilcoe Castle in Ireland, which he bought and restored. The castle was built in 1600, and besides its beauty and historical value, it’s the last castle that was occupied by the English.  In Vanity Fair, he stated: “It’s a very interesting building. Externally it looks strong and masculine, while internally it’s warm and welcoming.  It’s like a contradiction between the phallus and the womb. Very strange.

“I remember the first night I spent here alone.  I felt totally protected.  Here I’m away from everything.  It’s an incredible feeling. “

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