La Bohème | Charles Aznavour

One of Charles Aznavour’s most characteristic song is “La Bohème”, a romantic ballad about the bygone era of Montmartre, where painters rarely had enough to eat, but art and love were enough to sustain them.

“When I was hungry and you posed nude” as the lyrics say, is an ode to simpler times, while the song also lament’s the loss of youth.

Baginak Aznavourian, the artists’ real name was of Armenian descent and his parents lived in Thessaloniki for many years.  He was born in Paris where he excelled, started at the side of Edith Piaf, and was where he acquired his own family.

“La Bohème” was released in 1965 and became so popular that Aznavour recorded it in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, English and German.

Among the many recorded versions of the song is entitled “Forget Me” by Anna Vissi 1981, with lyrics by Yannis Parios.

Photo by Franz Hubmann/Imagno/Getty Images/Ideal Image

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