Michael Caine’s Signature Style

Michael Caine in the 1960s was a force to be reckoned with. A poster boy for British cool and the swinging sixties, he was a new genre of movie star and one that would transform the industry. In a similar manner to The Beatles, Caine’s working class garnered him plenty of attention both in the and the US, where he was worshiped for his effortless charm and resulting sex appeal. This important decade in Caine’s life though was also his most stylish.

Photo by Roy Jones/Getty Images

He almost exclusively wore button-downs throughout the decade, all of which had admirable three-finger collar rolls that worked beautifully whether left open or paired with one of his customary dark, slim knitted ties. The latter combination was of course popular with young mods during the early to mid ‘60s, who had actually appropriated the look from 1950s jazz icons such as Miles Davis Jr as well as Ivy-League college students, but that’s a story for another time. When Caine wasn’t wearing a shirt, he often favored dark merino roll-neck jumpers, which he wore artfully under his tailoring.

Photo by Michael Webb/Keystone/Getty Images
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