Prospettiva Elegante

Massimo Listri is an Italian indoor photographer, famous for his special characteristic style that inspires to the viewers.

Possessing the ability to capture every little detail of the space, bringing hidden elements to the surface, capable of revealing stories, the clicks capture the silence and the essence. “My photo is an expression of tranquility and silence. This chaotic society is a sense of perspective and balance. This process is a cure for the soul. Every time I take a picture I feel like a treasure is revealed in front of me. ”

The photos of MS through their quietness and the non-anthropocentric context stop the time. The absence of the faces from the frame supports the timelessness of the reception by letting the objects and the rooms speak about the spirit, life, passion and culture of all those who lived there and acted.

MS has published more than 60 photographic books and was exhibited by the Rarity Gallery of Mykonos.

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