Self-styled Indie, Jacques Dutronc

When he first stepped his foot on the French music scene, early in the 60s, he balanced his way into the rock genre without copying the already popular rock genre of the American nor Brit waves.

Jacques Dutronc created his own French rock genre, self-styling his own ideas of what urban rock in the Metropolitan scenery should be like.
Uber creative with city sounds, Dutronc broke all forms and boundaries of the French “chansons”, leaving his footprint on the music industry.

Off-stage, Dutronc was the first public figure to introduce the boulevardier style among bohemians and eccentric artists, bringing the conservative suits to a more loose and effordless level.

All women wanted to be with him, all men wanted to be him. Francoise Hardy got him and they’re happily married still.

Jacques Dutronc has released 14 full length albums and has had a part in more than 10 movies,  including “That Most Important Thing: Love” with Romy Schneider.

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