Tears in the Rain

When I saw the Blade Runner, Ridley Scott’s amazing movie, one thing is for sure, the surprise was an unknown until then actor , who coaxed the rebellious people-replicas captain left his intense persona at the film. Talking about the Dutch actor Rutger Hauer (23 January 1944 – 19 July 2019), who began his career in 1969 in the Dutch TV series Floris, but of course, as I wrote above, became famous through his role as Roy Batty in the film of science fiction Blade Runner (1982). Since then, he has had a constant presence in many movies and TV series to the end. He has been a writer and an environmental sensitizer and has founded the Rutger Hauer Starfish Association, an AIDS awareness organization. In 2013, Hauer was awarded as Knight of the order of Leo of the Netherlands.


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