The Antarctic dive

He traveled to Antarctica in order to make the most spectacular jump of his life from an iceberg 20 meters high and fulfill one of the most difficult and dangerous adventures of his athletic career. The Orlando Duque Red Bull World Champion, along with a Colombian Navy science team, has traveled more than 10,000 miles to reach the coldest part of the planet. The group consisted of more than 15 people, including divers, doctors, nurses, photographers, and his wife. Together, after boarding two boats, they began the journey to the giant iceberg. When they found it, Orlando climbed up and dipped three times in the frozen water, with temperatures reaching 0 ° C.

Later, talking about his experience, he said that his greatest fear was that he could break a piece at any time and his dream had ended prematurely while stressing: “We need to reduce the consumption of oil and plastics in order to keep places like Antarctica alive.”

Courtesy of Red Bull Content Pool

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