10 years Mancode

I am a fan of the original. I have been working in communication for over 20 years, with a passion for creation.

I started Mancode 10 years ago, on my birthday, on 14-2-2011, because I wanted to create an aesthetic environment with values. Then, the magazine followed 5 years ago, published by Kathimerini, the most historic and largest newspaper in the country.

Mancode radio, which is heard in over 60 countries and was the first that introduced Cosmopolitan music.

I am grateful and I am filled with energy by the love of the people who hear and see us every day, and especially by the young people who have a “thirst” for aesthetics. The journey continues, always with a passion for creation and style.

P.S. After so many imitations, I feel that it is a great success to be “copied”. But what has value is the authenticity

Thalis Pitoulis