Classic is the New Modern

The French Riviera in the ’60s by the legendary Taki Theodoracopulos, who lived it. Today’s dolce vita, driving a Ferrari Roma from the world’s top Jeremy Clarkson.

Società del Giardino, one of the oldest gentlemen’s clubs in the world. Royal Ascot, horse racing with a unique, British style. The top three restaurants in Paris by the unique Dina Nikolaou, who creates in France. Its aesthetics. I feel proud to present you cosmopolitan, quality articles in style, written by international personalities, unique in their kind.

Our motto in Mancode, which I created a decade ago, remains more relevant and necessary than ever. Let us be inspired by times when there was quality, education, and eroticism.

Classic is the new modern. 

Live with Style

Thalis Pitoulis


Photo Credit: Slim Aarons / Getty Images / Ideal Image