When my mother was sitting in her boudoir in front of the three-leaf mirror, she was explaining to me that a woman must be a coquette, to take care of herself and her aesthetics. Men at that time were tougher.

Today a man works out, without being an athlete. He pays attention to his clothes and is influenced by many images. He puts moisturizer on his face instead of aftershave. He does not use the watch for the time, but for the style. He does not order a whiskey, but the whiskey he wants. He cooks and tries new recipes, instead of sitting and waiting for a tired housewife of that time to serve him. This evolution of the modern man, however, becomes a real improvement when he maintains his values. Feeling equal with the woman, but always keeping his difference. Keeping his word and always being a Gentleman.

The modern man is a necessary path, from which he should not go through.

Thalis Pitoulis


Photo Credit: BIOT Jean-Pierre / Getty Images / Ideal Image