The thought of making wine at some point has been in me for many years. Many trips and experiences in different bar-restaurants, from famous to unknown to travel guides around the world. What to remember first;

Buenos Aires, Sao Paolo, Rio de Janeiro, Recife, Salvador, Fernando de Noroña, Montevideo, Havana, New York, Marrakech, Cape Town, Beirut, Cairo, Moscow, Singapore, Lisboa, Copenhagen, London, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Bologna, Venice, Bassano.

Incredible moments. Unique flavors. But what led me to the creation of Dárlin Rosé is the need for aesthetics in wine and the sense of cosmopolitan eroticism. We presented the Dárlin rosé together with the excellent oenologist Dimitris Gouravas on the market two weeks ago and we are almost out of stock.

We chose to have it in the beginning in some premium cellars such as OAK and CANAVA and premium bar restaurants in Athens such as Albion, Alfiere, Athénée, Malconis, Mantzarou, Papillon, Psariston, and Palia Agora. In Thessaloniki at the Kitchen Bar that we like.

Yesterday was a special night for us as in the unique building of the French Embassy, were honored by my Friend, French Ambassador Patrick Maisonnave. The French guests of the Ambassador, all with a view and international knowledge about flavors.

It is a great honor for us and I want to thank the Ambassador and all those who were present for the positive comments.

La vie en rosé.

Thalis Pitoulis