Editor’s Letter – A Man in a Suit is Always Charming

From fashion to style, the distance is great. The covers in the biggest international fashion magazines today are portraying athletes with Stabilo boss flint colored clothes covered with tattoos and rappers with a thick gold chain on the neck outside the wide sweatshirt. The women’s magazines in the other hand devote articles to the Kardashians. We once saw women with a stylish distinctive sensuality.

In our times, people who exhibit their indifferent life in media create fashion and fashion entrapped,  idolize them, targeting millions of their followers.

In the first rows in the International Defeats sit now bloggers, most dressed to challenge. Those with class and aesthetics are hiding. Young men and women with extreme views and many social media followers “scare” the big fashion houses. Their choices from the rock aesthetic  and supermarket bags are imposed on those who follow them.

But the market and fashion, like nature, are corrected in the end.

Elegance and literacy gain over time.

A well-dressed male costume always has its grace. 

Classic is the new modern.




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