Gambling is a matter of Style

The invitation said 21 people, on the 21st of December at 21:00. Meeting point, Plutarch and Ypsilantou, 1900 Barber Shop. The black M logo in the center of the green felt on one side was read M and on the other as W. The black Mancode decks and the Whiskey Bushmills 21 specialty for the Black Jack Mancode night.

Upon the table they gave a unique feeling. Friends invited, different and unique personalities each. Nektarios Galas with his special bespoke always appearing. The Artemios with the stories of Vasco Rossi from Bologna. Thanasis with his adventures from the Dolomiti and the outskirts of Cortina d ‘Ampezzo. Kostas Exarchos brought a collection of cigars to the table. Apostolos, manager of Mancode magazine, enjoyed his whiskey as a genuine connaisseur. Panagiotis Grigoriou, the mr. By 1900, wearing his dandy outfits enjoyed the evening. Giannis Stankoglou with a gray suit, hat and tie, put his own music. Haris Christopoulos photographed the moments.