Men’s Wardrobe essentials

After a quick shower, he wrapped a large black towel around his waist and went on to the dressing room next to the bedroom.

His clothes were hanging on the walls, with his shoes on the floor beneath.

The large mirror from the wooden floor to the ceiling dominated the room.

The male wardrobe is a simple matter that needs savvy and style I’m writing this editorial because I find that some pieces are necessary.

A black tuxedo for sure, and for unique style, velvet tuxedos in various colors.

Mid waist, double breasted jackets of all types.

60’s style white pants.

White dress shirts.


Classic blazer.

All types of loafers, preferably velvet.

Worn leather motorcycle jacket.

We love hats and gloves.

A man’s style can be advised, but it’s more important to be authentic and to be able to support it.