Privacy is Luxury

I don’t want to be accused of being an elitist because I am. I never liked apartment buildings as nice as they may be; on the contrary, I prefer a small older home with a simple garden. I prefer not to spend my vacation in large five-star hotels, but in secluded houses or small abodes on the islands. I can’t enjoy myself in a bar with lots of people. When dining at my favorite restaurants, I always choose a table in the corner. I never go to a stadium to watch ball. I received a proposal to act as a critic on television and refused; because I believe that overexposure do not suit me. I follow social media as a professional and in the past few years uploaded photos on my profile. I went on vacation for a week in August and chose a completely isolated room in the Cyclades without electricity. My cell phone had no reception so I finished my book titled “Access to advertisers is forbidden” that will soon be released by Fereniki Publishing. So that’s how I made the decision to get off social media.

Because of the moments of over exposure. Because of friends who are not true friends. Because of followers who view you secretly. Because of this somewhat pointless dependency. I’ve always believed that true luxury is found in privacy and its authenticity.


Ps. I thank my friend, the talented artist Nicola Lefebvre, who is in high demand for cover stories in international magazines, for his photography and the exclusive interview he gave us.

Ps. I feel especially proud that Jeremy Clarkson, the world’s largest automobile columnist, will be at MANCODE every month to share his amazing comments and experiences.