September after the Break

September …

The new year of a new season.

After a summer of relaxation, a new year begins

Schools, universities and businesses get back to work.

In August, most, if not all of us took a break from our daily routines.

This year I had one of the best vacations I’ve had in many years.

Isolated for a week on the northern part of Tinos in a small cell like structure, built with local, naturally shaped stones.

They named it Cast Away.

And that is how I felt being there.

After a 40-minute drive on a rough dirt road you reach a remote location, nothing within proximity.

Without electricity, only a small generator for emergencies and a gas stove for cooking.

I surfed on the small beach in front.

My cell phone had no reception, so I found much needed time to finish the book that I’ve been writing the past two years.

Once I finished, I sent it to my publisher at Fereniki Publishing and he especially liked it.

My book is called –“Advertisers not allowed”.

It’s pleasing to write a book that people will enjoy.

Being in isolation from everything including my cell phone helped me make the decision to get off social media.

More privacy guys.


by Thalis Pitoulis