You leave Marco Polo Airport and in the car that is waiting for you, you smoke a small Toscanello, after enjoying the haze of the 2-hour flight. Arriving at Piazzale Roma, Guido, in the old but well-made wooden boat, he greets you with this natural courtesy of the Italians.

You sit outside in front of it, and you enjoy the Gran Canal like it was your first time, even though you’ve been there dozens of times. With his unique craftsmanship, he fast and easily attaches to Monaco. There in the Terrazza, you sit outside at the table you’ve booked and you order Spumante Franciacorta. When it comes, ordering Scampi Alla busara con polenta and Risotto con scampi e carciofi, you will feel the magic of fine food, enjoying a unique view.

Leaving, you walk towards the Palazzo, that has an important exposure and you pass through the narrow streets … Venezia!