An eclectic dining experience at Kenshō Psarou

A unique and luxurious experience of relaxation in the most famous sea on the island.

A journey of flavors and aromas from Greece, harmoniously combined with Japanese and Peruvian elements, awaits those who will visit the Kenshō restaurant in front of the beach of Psarou. Signed by the award-winning Mykonian chef Hippocrates, the menu stands out for its simplicity and innovation. In his dishes, the chef’s love for Greek Cuisine and Cycladic flavors has been captured, which are transformed into cosmopolitan, using Asian and Peruvian elements. An ideal choice for all the tastes, from delicious comfort food to its inspired sushi.

The menu is accompanied by handmade creations by Bakery Chef and culminates with the sweets of the famous Pastry Chef Dimitris Chronopoulos, who mixes Greek elements with touches of French pastry and flavors from the Far East.