”Callas e Roma – Una Voce in Mostra”

The elegance and talent characterized and still characterize the image of Maria Callas. The Spazio Eventi Tirso exhibition place in Rome, honoring the 20th-century Greek singer and diva in anticipation of the 40th anniversary of her death, hosts the “Callas e Roma – Una Voce in Mostra” exhibition of musica PERformare in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism until 21 January 2018.

The exhibition includes a series of historical recordings, some of which have recently come to light, bringing visitors to a musical journey, knowing the professional and personal life of Callas during the 1948-1958 period where she lived and acted in Rome.

If you are in Italy and especially in Rome at this time, do not miss the unique presentation of the work and the life of the unforgettable Greek myth.