Iconic Men’s Accessories

Recognizing the classic pieces of men’s fashion, Josh Sims recounts unfamiliar stories from their design. The loggers and engineers of the Industrial Revolution in America have brought to their everyday life the leather boot, a piece established by Marlon Brando in his most elegant version in the 1950s. The origin of the classic baseball hat dates back to 1849 and the straw hats worn by the New York Knicks, while its connection to the bourgeois rebels makes an even farther turn, somewhere in 1700.

Josh Sims tells such stories through his book “The Details: Iconic Men’s Accessories,” reviewing the most popular men’s accessories of the most important men’s fashion figures, as well as the designers behind them. Released by Laurence King. Josh Sims is a writer who likes to talk about style and fashion. In addition to “Details: Iconic Men’s Accessories”, he has also written “Rock / Fashion, A Dictionary of Fashion Designers” and “Mary, Queen of Shops”. He has also contributed to many Taschen books, while maintaining close contact with fashion magazines.