La Collectionneuse

Éric Rohmer, one of the most prominent Nouvelle Vague directors and editor-in-chief of the legendary Cahiers du Cinema,  is best known for his “Ma nuit chez Maud”.
Nevertheless,  this very summery and erotic film, “La Collectionneuse” (1967) is the one we choose to remember him by.

Against a St. Tropez backdrop, two old friends, Daniel and Adrien, spend their holidays in a country-style villa.
Haydée, an attractive girl who enjoys a free-love summer, suddenly invades their privacy. Staying in their villa, she invites different romantic partners every night as if she was collecting lovers.
The Collectionneuse with her free spirit and innocent looks, “shakes up” Daniel’s and Adrien’s quiet vacation, unfolding a plot worth watching on film.