A Bespoke Visit to Santillo 1970

Handmade and of high-end fabrics, Santillo 1970, has both a  tradition and a strong presence in the bespoke shirtmaking world.
Based in Milan and founded in 1970, the art of bespoke shirtmaking has passed from generation to generation, preserving the quality and tradition of the Santillo name. The business is still family-run with basic shirtmaker, the mother, Angela Lemma, who’s known to be  able to take the measures of each client just by looking at them.

The brand’s trademark is the “punto a barchetta”.  The method of stitching the fabric in the armpit and which is so perfect that softens the fabric.

Santillo 1970 uses the antique techniques of the Mediterranean tradition and since the 1970s it has  introduced the rest of the world to the exceptional quality of his shirts.