Clean lines

With elements of the Regency era characterizing its philosophy, Masaru Okuyama has managed to create a bespoke shoe store in Hong Kong dominated by simplicity and elegance.

Born in Japan, Masaru is one of the few Japanese artists who learned the art of handmade in his home country, despite traveling to Europe several times.

The shoe style created by Masaru is purely Japanese in style, with its subtle sleek lines being an integral feature of his creations.

The first store opened in Hong Kong, China, unlike other patriots, and in recent years it has been traveling across Europe to meet prospective customers, which has boosted its worldwide popularity. In this way, recognition of his work came relatively quickly, which in 2010 led to the first prize winner in the “International Shoemakers” competition in Germany.

Address: 13/F, Goodfit Commercial Building, 7 Fleming Rd, Wan Chai, Hong Kong