A London Bespoke Shoe Shop since 1958

On the wall there was a series of portraits. On the ceiling was a painting with a sea theme. Sitting in an armchair he was looking around the room. They offered him French coffee with a special aroma. His gaze fell on his birch leather brogues. An exceptional, handmade creation by George Cleverly. A distinct personal choice for him. He liked to spoil himself sometimes…

George Cleverly coming from a family of English shoemakers, after serving in World War I and working for the army at a boots factory in France, in 1958 he opens his own shop at Clifford Street, leaving behind the heavy past concentrating his interest and talent on dress shoes of everyday life and formal special moments.

George was working until the last moment of his 93 years and today the new generation continues the tradition and mastery of  him with absolute respect in the past and a contemporary look at today and its demands.