Neapolitan Tailoring

Each trip to Naples is characterized by vintage style and elegance. The sea, the narrow streets, the smell of freshly cut coffee and the excelent look of the passengers create a unique feeling in the city of southern Italy that immediately makes you want to become one with her world and look for yours Bespoke.

Your footsteps will lead you to Oraccio Luciano’s Bespoke which, from the late 90’s, dresses the Naples gentlemen in the light of Italian tradition and attention to detail.

By listening to the wishes of every man and choosing high quality fabrics, the lab creates elegant men’s clothing that will accompany their owner for many years since the Neapolitan design remains classic the years pass.

And if a visit to Naples is not so easy, the online presence of bespoke on the internet allows the ordering and shipping of Neapolitan costumes almost everywhere giving you the opportunity to renew your wardrobe easily but not casually.