“It’s not what you wear but how you wear it.”

The man is characterized by his shoes.

They must have a classic style but also to be in harmony with their era, making men’s footsteps firm and distinct at a time when design and values ​​are being challenged.

The Italian Bardanera, made up of Sergio and Sebastiano, serves exactly this male accessory with success that has been known to friends all over the world.

With students, lawyers, designers, musicians, actors and businessmen for customers, these shoes are distinguished by the English finesse that Sergio affects them, while Sebastiano secures their Italian heritage.

The two designers who are a powerful creative twin love life and enjoy it to the fullest without pretending shapes and rules walking as they confess the one day with costumes in Cannes and the other traveling with jeans and boots on Harley Davidson following the motto: “It’s not what you wear but how you wear it.” , choosing to design for life serving the passion they have for it.