The Beatle Boots

Rocking your own world may be easy but rocking the entire world? That takes style, my friend.

It was 1961 when John Lennon and Paul McCartney made it home from their Hamburg gigs. Walking around the London streets, they bumped into a local shoe store, featuring the Chelsea boots on their front window: Ankle high, leather boots with a zipper or rubber side.
John and Paul got inside and since the DIY ethic was also their style theory, requested a variation of the Chelsea boot to fit their own likes: Tight fit, slightly higher than the original with a more pointed toe and….the legendary Cuban heel: a square heel, spreading to the middle of the shoe sole -similar to the ones of the Flamingo boots.

The boots were made and all four Beatles wore them on stage to spread this new boot-style around the universe.

From local shop owners to internationally acclaimed designers picked up this style (known as The Beatle Boot) to add these type of shoes to their collection. Till this day, notable men who rocked the world with the left Beatle boot of their Cuban heel are:

Jimmy Hendrix
Bob Dylan
Andy Warhol
Alex Turner
Yves Saint Laurent
Tony Montana (Scarface)