House in Achladies | Arch Miracle

In the Achladies area of ​​Skiathos, one of the houses that one can distinguish for their architectural genius is that of Lydia Xinogalas, architect and professor at Columbia University. The materials, the colors and the simple lines, make the home look like a part of the natural beauty of the area, while it follows the principles of bioclimatic architecture.

A long corridor divides the main house and the hostels.

The building structure is developed in three different volumes, giving a picture of the traditional architecture.

The main room houses the kitchen, the dining room and the living room, which communicates directly with the bedroom and indirectly with the hostels.

For those who want to have a privacy, this structure is a unique choice, as each room has its own veranda. The view from the rooms is stunning, with one guest house overlooking the hill and the other overlooking the sea, while the main bedroom occupies the lowest volume.

Marble, rendered plaster and terrazzo tiles display Xynogala’s preference for building modern constructions with natural materials.