Shui Cultural Center

To the southeast of Guizhou,in the land of Shui, one of the cultural minorities in China, Shui Cultural Center offers to this group of people a special place to gather and express their ideas and culture consisting is a must see destination for every visitor of the area.

Its special architectural structure and innovative design with elements of Chinese and Shui philosophy is a proposal for today’s buildings. The apparent concrete and the minimal staffing of the Shui Cultural Center are talking with both the trends and needs of today and the past of the country.

Despite being few, Shui people still retain their own language, along with their unique system of illustrations. They have 400 writing characters that are mainly used during rituals and sacrifices. The shape of the cultural center pays homage to Shui, following the shape of the character for the “mountain”. The façade model is also inspired by traditional Shui characters, starting again from the basic triangular shape of the mountain, which is repeated to cause the character of “rain”.