The art of winemaking

The Tuscan countryside has something special. Countless acres of vineyards alongside the road, with the sun setting in the distance. There between the hills of Chianti, the “invisible” winery as described by the architects who designed it, embodies the spirit of the region where some of the world’s most famous wines are produced.

“Invisible”, because it’s created with materials from nature, so that it becomes one with it, barely standing out.
The cellars of the winery Antinori in Bargino, the well-known family that has been producing wine for the past 26 generations, were inaugurated in 2012 as a tribute to the family’s historical ties with the region.

he shades of brown and natural materials such as wood, glass and terracotta, compose a modern yet “natural” building, where the visitor doesn’t just observe wine production, but experiences it in a unique way.