Unwind on the Mexican Coast

Mexico’s wondrous coastline embodies the spirit of minimalist living, providing enthusiastic explorers with surf-inspired culture, golden-white sands, and some of the planet’s most secluded getaways. Puerto Escondido’s Casa Volta – which was built by renowned architecture firm Ambrosietchegaray – embraces the area’s equatorial culture wholeheartedly, gifting intrepid adventurers with a characteristically Baja home.

Casa Volta sits unassumingly, keeping careful watch over Mexico’s southern coastal province. It’s here that the clay-fired brick and subtle concrete dwelling makes its stand, boasting three separate vaulted enclosures, an open-air socialization area, and an elaborate dining space outfitted with simplistic amenities. However, the notion of simplicity isn’t as drab as one might think. Denizens are met with the euphoric soundscapes of the country’s lush forested areas, the rise, and fall of the Pacific’s powerful tides, and all of the serene attributes that come with – to include rustic furniture, seating, and kitchen utensils.

After a day of introspective relaxation near the home’s centralized pool, individuals can make their way into one of the dwelling’s two bedrooms, which feature high-end woodwork, bedding, and architectural principles. If you share our love for Mexico’s Casa Volta, head to Airbnb, where it can be rented on a night-to-night basis for around $200.